Plastic!Winchester Theater – A History

If you’ve stumbled here it might be because you have been part of the Supernatural fandom for over a decade and remember the nutso days when it was normal to grab a couple of Ken dolls to make a weekly fanfic/comic/internet art project. Or maybe you’re a new SPN fan and are like WTF IS THIS.… Read More Plastic!Winchester Theater – A History

Episode 7 (Original Post Date: August 12, 2006)

Plastic!John text messages coordinates to the Plastic!Boys and sends them to Trenton, New Jersey to hunt some trolls. Meanwhile, Plastic!Sam’s visions return as he struggles to figure out why he is having them. A/N: If you have no idea who the lady in the HP’s thought bubble is, that’s Mimi from the Drew Carey Show,… Read More Episode 7 (Original Post Date: August 12, 2006)